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As house sizes grow ever larger more people find themselves with spare bedrooms in their homes. These bedrooms are often called "guest rooms" by default, even though they're usually just a place where all the extra furniture ends up. When guests do come to stay over, you shouldn't have to worry about cleaning out their room. Ideally, a guest room is low maintenance and includes everything your guest will need to feel comfortable away from home. So, instead of filling the room with the 25 old pillows that have been accumulating in your house, here are some essentials that every guest bedroom should have.

Decorate like you'd want to sleep there

Use bright, but calming colors on the walls, put a bedside table with a beverage coaster near the bed, use curtains that can be closed to block out the morning sun or opened to let in as much light as your guest would like. The important thing to remember is to avoid clutter and personal objects. If your guest feels like they're surrounded by junk they won't feel very at home. Similarly, if there are personal items like your photos, notebooks, or clothing in the room they will feel like they're intruding in your space. Instead, keep your personal items in your own bedroom or office and think of the guest room as more of a hotel within your home.

Essential items

We won't discuss the obvious necessities of a bedroom (i.e., beds and beddings). Rather, here are some items you may not have thought to include in your guest room that will make your guest feel more at home.
  • Cell phone charger. Odds are your guest only brought one charger with them. But if you have an iPhone or Android (micro USB) charger ready for use on the bedside table, it will let them keep their own charger in their bag for use outside the house.
  • Wi-Fi name and password. Write the Wi-Fi name and password down on a notepad and place it on the bedside table. This way your guest won't have to worry about disturbing you late at night to remind them of the log-in info. It's also a good idea to leave a pen with the notepad in case your guest wants to leave themselves any notes.
  • Empty storage space. To help your guest feel organized, make sure they can use the closet or dresser to unpack their clothes and belongings and store away their suitcase.
  • Tissues and wastebasket. A common, but overlooked, courtesy to include for your guest is a box of tissues and a wastebasket.
  • Ear plugs. Even if you don't live in a noisy neighborhood there may be some late night sounds that have become white-noise to you but that your guest isn't familiar with (i.e. trains, heating or AC sounds, wildlife).
  • Shower caddy with useful items. You can buy a small shower caddy at the dollar store and fill it with useful items for your guest, such as: soap, shampoo, shower sponge, razors, Q-tips, headache medicine, and band-aids. Your guest can bring this back to their bedroom and won't feel like they're taking up space in the bathroom.

This Condo in Quincy, MA recently sold for $465,000. This Loft style home was sold by Stockman Farrar Group - REALTY EXECUTIVES.

118 Holmes St, Quincy, MA 02171


Sale Price

Sleek urban style and sophistication abound in this young, like-new Granite Lofts condominium featuring sweeping open spaces, soaring 15 foot ceilings, gleaming black granite center island kitchen & modern honey color cabinetry with frosted glass doors, stainless steel appliances, and an open floor plan with spacious living and dining areas; a true loft living experience with great sunlight, concrete flooring, exposed beams and ducting, a large master bedroom with walk-in closet, a bonus room for den/office, in-unit laundry and Central air, The unit also includes rarely available 2 car parking. Walk to transportation, restaurants, shops or quick drive to the beach or marina. Open houses 4/29 1230-230pm and 4/30 12-130pm

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Pet hair on your furniture or floors doesn’t only make it hard to sell or rent your home.Pet hair can cause allergic outbreaks, including skin rashes, coughing and sneezing. It can also make guests to your home think twice before they sit on furniture. Step into a pet park and you also know that pet hairs create unwelcomed odors. Fortunately, keeping pet hairs off furniture doesn’t have to involve a trip to the store as is showed below.

  • Vacuum furniture one or more times a week. Use a small handheld vacuum cleaner, as this could help you to detect where you need to focus.
  • Wash or shampoo furniture covers regularly.
  • Clean floors with a rubber broom.
  • Use a roller to pull stubborn pet hairs away from furniture fibers.
  • Brush a pet hair lifter across furniture areas that your pet has climbed on. Do it as soon as you catch your pet on the furniture. The sooner you remove pet hairs, the less likely it is that they will push down deep into furniture fibers.
  • Give your pet a bath.
  • Wet hair rollers before you brush them over furniture, as a little water helps to lift more hairs off furniture than if you simply used a dry hair roller.
  • Take your pet to the vet if he sheds more than normal as this could be a sign of a health issue. Feed your pet a healthy diet to reduce the chances of your pet getting sick.
  • Rinse your pet off before she comes indoors if she’s been playing in dirt or in mud.
  • Get rid of clutter and keep your entire home clean. It’s easier to spot pet hairs in a clean, clutter free home than it is to spot pet dander in a home that’s cluttered with boxes, too many furniture pieces and large accessories.
  • Pet hair magnets are another tool that you can use to lift pet hair away from furniture.
  • Pet vacuums also work to remove loose hair strands off your pet. Remember to clean bags and rollers. The same applies to household vacuum cleaners. By cleaning bags, filters and extensions that you use to pick up pet hair, you can keep pet dander from collecting in your vacuum cleaner.

It’s important that you clean pet hairs out of your washer and dryer as well. Do this by cleaning lint filters and cleaning the drain pump filter. Use a damp rag to clean hair away from the inside of your washer and dryer. Once a week,use a liquid cleaner to wipe down your washer and dryer.

Perhaps the single most effective way to keep pet hairs off furniture is to train your pets to sleep and play on the floor or outdoors. Start training pets to stay off furniture when they are babies, the earlier the better. If you waited until pets were almost grown to start training them, reward them each time they jump off of furniture and stay off. Be consistent and let the habit develop in your pet. Your family and your friends will thank you.

This Condo in Boston, MA recently sold for $480,000. This 2/3 Family style home was sold by Stockman Farrar Group - REALTY EXECUTIVES.

68 Jamaica Street, Boston, MA 02130

Jamaica Plain


Sale Price

You will love the classic triple decker style in the middle of an eclectic Jamaica Plain neighborhood perched high upon a hill. Great Boston Skyline views from the back deck make you feel like you are in the middle of it all while the view of the yard below reminds you of the reason to love this spot, elbow room! This home is filled with natural wood molding and flooring which provides warmth to this bright, third floor, two bedroom home. The kitchen boasts a suite of brand new stainless steel appliances that were just installed for you. Bay windows in the living and dining rooms add to the character along with the plate rail and build-in China cabinet. Convenient to Centre and South Street shops & restaurants, Orange line T, and the Arnold Arboretum add to the allure of city living and this home delivers!

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The windows in your home are important. They provide a source of air, but they also provide a source of protection from the elements and help to keep the heat in the home. They also prevent the cold air from escaping in the summer months. With properly insulated windows, you’ll actually save on heating and cooling costs. That’s why the windows in your home are so important. 

At some point, you’ll need to replace the windows in your home. While there’s no definitive time, there’s plenty of recommendations as to when you know your windows are failing you. It’s important to the overall health of your home to know that the windows are “doing their job.” Below, we’ll give you some tips on how you’ll know when you need to make the switch to newer windows. We’ll also show you the disadvantages in waiting too long to replace the windows in the home.  

How Many Years Do Windows Typically Last?

A basic rule is that windows last between 15 and 20 years. Then they’ll need to be replaced sometime soon after they reach that age. Many times, homeowners will provide some touch-ups to the windows, adding additional insulation and caulking. This, however, is a mere temporary fix. Eventually, the entire units will need to be replaced.  

Design Moves Forward

One of the best advantages to replacing your windows is that advances in their design continue to make your home better. Newer windows provide much more insulation than older versions. The temperature in your home will be better regulated with newer windows, helping you to save on your overall energy costs.

New Windows Add Value

Putting new windows in your home can help you to add value to your home. While more energy efficient types of windows are an investment, you’ll save money on a few things in the long term. The money that can be saved on energy bills alone can be worth it.

 If you plan on selling your home in the near future, replacing the windows can also be a big bonus. They will add money to the overall value of the appraisal and entice buyers. There’s one less thing a buyer will have to do in your home once you move, making your home more attractive.  

The Right Number

The 15-20 year mark is simply a suggestion as to how often windows should ideally be replaced in a home. Keep tabs on the windows that are in your home and make note if you’re feeling drafts or the windows start to get stuck, crack, or even break completely. You’ll know it’s time to replace the windows when you see these signs.