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Pet hair on your furniture or floors doesn’t only make it hard to sell or rent your home.Pet hair can cause allergic outbreaks, including skin rashes, coughing and sneezing. It can also make guests to your home think twice before they sit on furniture. Step into a pet park and you also know that pet hairs create unwelcomed odors. Fortunately, keeping pet hairs off furniture doesn’t have to involve a trip to the store as is showed below.

  • Vacuum furniture one or more times a week. Use a small handheld vacuum cleaner, as this could help you to detect where you need to focus.
  • Wash or shampoo furniture covers regularly.
  • Clean floors with a rubber broom.
  • Use a roller to pull stubborn pet hairs away from furniture fibers.
  • Brush a pet hair lifter across furniture areas that your pet has climbed on. Do it as soon as you catch your pet on the furniture. The sooner you remove pet hairs, the less likely it is that they will push down deep into furniture fibers.
  • Give your pet a bath.
  • Wet hair rollers before you brush them over furniture, as a little water helps to lift more hairs off furniture than if you simply used a dry hair roller.
  • Take your pet to the vet if he sheds more than normal as this could be a sign of a health issue. Feed your pet a healthy diet to reduce the chances of your pet getting sick.
  • Rinse your pet off before she comes indoors if she’s been playing in dirt or in mud.
  • Get rid of clutter and keep your entire home clean. It’s easier to spot pet hairs in a clean, clutter free home than it is to spot pet dander in a home that’s cluttered with boxes, too many furniture pieces and large accessories.
  • Pet hair magnets are another tool that you can use to lift pet hair away from furniture.
  • Pet vacuums also work to remove loose hair strands off your pet. Remember to clean bags and rollers. The same applies to household vacuum cleaners. By cleaning bags, filters and extensions that you use to pick up pet hair, you can keep pet dander from collecting in your vacuum cleaner.

It’s important that you clean pet hairs out of your washer and dryer as well. Do this by cleaning lint filters and cleaning the drain pump filter. Use a damp rag to clean hair away from the inside of your washer and dryer. Once a week,use a liquid cleaner to wipe down your washer and dryer.

Perhaps the single most effective way to keep pet hairs off furniture is to train your pets to sleep and play on the floor or outdoors. Start training pets to stay off furniture when they are babies, the earlier the better. If you waited until pets were almost grown to start training them, reward them each time they jump off of furniture and stay off. Be consistent and let the habit develop in your pet. Your family and your friends will thank you.